Itinerary : Two Weeks for Incredible India! 

Tum passs aye, yun muskurayee, kuch kuch hota hai ~


Hellooooooo, back again with ms. Singleminglepringles ! I have been posted itinerary to Japan before and now it’s my turn to post my itinerary to India!
Wait, India? Yes! People say India full of scam, dirty, not safe, and any other say about the bad things. For me, I will never know if I never visit! So, I have been persuaded by my friend to visit India, especially in Holi (around February or March). Since he is a local Indian, so he knows when is the exact date of Holi in 2017. And fortunately at that time, there was a promotional ticket from Air Asia, so without any hesitation, I booked the ticket! Solo travel! 😂

I know my mind just wanders either is it safe or not, hygiene, and so on, but I will face it all. Inshaa Allah no problem at all as long as I have bravery and my travel-go-beyond (😂).

So, where will I go along this 2 weeks leave in India? Let’s check it out!

Day 1 : I will bound from CGK to DEL via KUL. I have a noon flight to KL then transit for 5 hours (I know, I know the consequences of cheap ticket 😂) and bound to Delhi. I’d arrive in Delhi at night, about to worry but I manage to stay near airport and Qutub Minar. If I saw on the price list of prepaid taxi, it will cost you INR 265. 😁
Day 2 : Since my hostel place near Qutub Minar, I would like to go there in the morning and then go to Lotus temple. And in the night, I’m going to have a night train to Jodhpur. Chooo-chooooo~


Lotus Temple (source)

Day 3 : Scheduled to arrive in Jodhpur in the morning, I choose to stay near Mehrangarh Fort, whereas near the Clock Tower of Jodhpur. And I will explore The Blue City for photo hunting and just walking around for interesting snapshot!


Blue City of Jodhpur (source)

Day 4 : Still in the Jodhpur, I will explore Mehrangarh Fort and Jashwant Thada and then looking around for souvenir in bazaar near the clock tower!


Mehrangarh Fort at Night (source)

Day 5 : Leaving The Blue City in the morning, I will move to Jaipur and stay near old city. My first move in Jaipur will go to Hawa Mahal and Amer Fort for Amer by the Night show.


Hawa Mahal (source)

Day 6 : I will be still wandering Jaipur by go to City Palace and Nahargarh Fort for view the Jaipur’s sunset and city light at night.


Nahargarh Fort (source)

Day 7 : moving a bit far, I will go to Chand Bawli, the old step well near Jaipur. And go back to Jaipur for walking around the bazaar for souvenirs.


Chand Baoli (source)

Day 8 : it’s time to move to Agra! Will leave Jaipur in the morning and bound for Agra. I’ll stay near Taj Mahal and will have walking around near place I stay. And I have no idea where should I go on this day! 😂

Day 9 : “attack”  Taj Mahal! I have plan to stay for whole day in Taj Mahal for photo shoot from sunrise to sunset, even I see this site that Taj Mahal will open at night because on that day is full moon. But anyone knows whether I could go in and out with the same ticket? Or should I buy ticket again if I leave??


Taj Mahal (source)

Day 10 : leaving for Agra but I will visit Agra Fort first. And then I’ll go to Mathura for…… Holi celebration !!! I am still have no idea where will I stay but I’ll fix it soon!

Day 11 : Holi celebration! Why do I choose Mathura? Because here where The God of ancient Hindu, Lord Krishna was born. So, I’d like to feel the Hindu pilgrimage in this city with traditional celebration. How excited I am!


Holi Celebration (source)

Day 12 : About to leave Mathura to Delhi but I really want to go to Dauji temple for another celebration. But let me finalize first and then will catch the train to Delhi. In Delhi, I stay near Connaught Place, which is pretty close from MRT airport hub.


Huranga (Holi) in Dauji Temple (source)

Day 13 : My last day in Delhi, my last day in India. Got to spend for India gate, Humayun’s Tomb and will go to bazaar for another souvenir. And then I’ll head to airport for going back to Jakarta. See you, India!
So, that was my summary for my 2 weeks in India. You can find my itinerary here (and will be updated soon!) and remember, I didn’t put any cost for food, beverages and souvenirs because those are your own expenses! And for Indonesian, I will make another post for applying visa India.
See you!




4 thoughts on “Itinerary : Two Weeks for Incredible India! 

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  2. Waktu ke India, aku kalah suara dengan 2 travelmates sehingga harus melewati Jodhpur *garukgarukkesetkaki
    Tapi alhamdulillah saranku agar bisa ke Varanasi disetujui. Ah, mesti balik lagi ini ke India buat ngehabisin destinasi sisa (((SISA))) yang banyak itu hwhwhw


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