Itinerary 5 Days – Japan Endless Discovery Part II

Hello! Happy New Year!

By this chance, I would like to share my itinerary to Japan for 5 days. Wait, what?! Japan again? But yes! Before I have travelled to Japan with my brother and sister in law, but this time I will travel with mum! You know what, I had wish that I would go to Japan with my mum by ANA. Why must fly with ANA? I don’t know, I just have thought that ANA is the most cool airlines. Ha ha ha! And my wish is coming true! I got promo ticket for only USD 296 ~ IDR 3.990.000/pax/round trip! Sooooooooooo excited! Without any hesitation I have booked for two. So, we’ll see you soon, Japan!

Since my mum can’t have long leave (she is a teacher, can’t take leave, anyhow), so we will just spend 5 days in Japan. I have been searching which place best for parent to visit. But she is willing to go to Mount Fuji. Her dream I guess eversince she like to singing “Puncak Gunung Fujiyama” song. Hahahahhahaha. So, here we are our itinerary, (P.S : our theme is Visit Nagano 😉 ) :

Day 1 : Arrived in Haneda, we will drop our luggage to hostel. We have booked Anne J-Hostel Asakusabashi for good. I have been seen the review and seems it’s quite nice. The staffs are super helpful when I try to book via email. Then we will continue to Asakusa (Nakamise and Asakusa Temple), having lunch in there since there are couple halal restaurants in there. And then we will spend the afternoon in Yoyogi Park, and visit Meiji Jingu Shrine. Don’t forget to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building to see Tokyo from the 45 floor building and walking around Shibuya.


Asakusa Kaminarimon (Source)

Day 2 : Sumo, who doesn’t know about Sumo? Since my arrival doesn’t match with sumo festival, so I would like to visit their training center. Hahahaha, I am really excited to meet them, I don’t know why. =)) After that we are going to Hie Shrine. Don’t have to go to far to Fushimi Inari taisha, in Tokyo they also have shrine which has torii gate. 😀 then we are heading to Takasaki, Gunma for Daruma doll visit. And bound to Niigata, Takada Park to enjoy Cherry Blossom in the afternoon and then go back to Tokyo.


Sumo (Japanese wrestlers) Training. (source)

Day 3    : We will leave Tokyo for Nagano. We have plan to keep our luggage in Tokyo station until we go back to Tokyo. And what’s on Nagano? We will visit Matsumoto Castle and Koboyama, then we bound to Kawaguchiko.


Matsumoto Castle (source)

Day 4 : Exploring Kawaguchiko to Pagoda Chureito, Saiko Iyashi No Sato Nenba and walking around Lake Kawaguchiko. I have been there in the early April 2016, but we didn’t catch cherry blossom in there. I hope when I come back, there will be cherry blossom! ❤


Cherry Blossom in Lake Kawaguchiko (Source)

Day 5 : Our last day in Japan, will spend sun rise in Lake Kawaguchiko and then back to Tokyo and pay a visit to Asakusa for buying souvenir and then heading to Narita. Sayonara Japan!

I have been recreating itinerary and budget Japan Endless Discovery Part II here, and remember, the budget is exclude food, beverages and your own expenses. And I will see you soon, Japan!




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