Annyeong Korea 2016 – Part II

Annyeong Haseyoo~

After my last post about spending time in Seoul and Busan, I want to continue my travel note in South Korea. Still curious? (Please say yes. Hahahahah), so here we go!

Day 4 ~ 22 Oct 2016

As I told you before, we went to Busan because of there is Busan Fireworks Festival in Gwangalli Beach on this day. Yes! Soooo excited! So, our trip starts from Haedongyonggungsa Temple in Busan. It’s quite far from Jagalchi, needs 3 transfers, so we start earlier in the morning. Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is a Buddhist Temple and located on the coast line of Busan’s beach. It’s very scenic view for photo hunting. It takes 20 minutes from Haeundae subway station by bus.

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Bound back to Haeundae beach, we are just taking picture around.

Haeundae Beach

It’s autumn, the wind was quite powerful, so we continue to Pusan University to have our late lunch. after our tummy have been fueled up, we are going back to Gwangalli Beach to attend the festival. It was really crowded, even on its subway! Busan resident and all people are gathered to Gwangalli Beach to enjoy the festival! When we arrived at Gwangalli Beach, the venue already crowded. With confident, we just going to the front and try to maximize the small space to sit in, without any hesitation! Hahahahha. We know, local people around us disliked it, but who fucking cares? =)) We stayed about 3 hours, from 6 pm and the show started at 8 pm. We were amazed with the show!

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When we back, there were very crowded too. When the crowded subway that we can’t go inside, we were waiting another one and which is soooooo empty! Hahahahaha. So we were running like Jakartans (Jakarta people) find the seat on the train. =)) Also, this is our last night in Busan, and tomorrow we will go back to Seoul in the early morning. Annyeong Busan!


annyeong Busan!

Day 5 ~ 23 Oct 2016

Where do we go now? Nami Island! Woohhhooooooo! We are leaving Busan in the early morning and bound directly to Nami Island. There are many ways to go to Nami Island from Seoul. By bus, by train supported by ITX and by subway. And our way is by ITX, because ITX is covered up by Korail Pass that we have. So quite save our money. Hehehehe. the ITX-Chuncheon bound from Yongsan station, which we have to transfer from Seoul subway to Yongsan subway and then go to Yongsan KTX station. on the tight time, finally we have moved to ITX train. Well, the platform was so confusing, because subway and ITX are on the same platform! It is about 55 minutes to go to Gapyeong station, where the nearest station to Nami Island is. After we arrived at Gapyeong station, there are two bus station. If you are willing to have tour around (like Nami Island, Petite France, Garden Calm Morning, and so on), you can buy Bus Pass for W5.000, you can bound wherever and whenever. The bus station location is on the same side with Gapyeong station. But if you only want to go to Nami Island, you’d better to go to across the street and take the bus from there. Eversince we were going to on Sunday, there were a lot of people to visit Nami and there were traffic jam! So we are advised to do walk to go there, only 15 minutes. Well, it’s fine, the weather is was light rain and very cold so we tend to do walk. On the half way, we decided to have lunch first. What’s popular in Chuncheon, Dakgalbi! It was very delicious!


Delicious dakgalbi!

And then we continue to walk. About ten minutes after, we arrived at ferry pier to Nami Island. The admission fee is W8.000 including ferry ride round trip. And welcome to Nami Island!

We spent about 3 hours in Nami Island. It probably more beautiful if the weather is sunny. sigh, that’s fine, Namiseom is still beautiful. When we want to go back, the queue of ferry ride was insane! We were waiting for almost an hour. And we were too lazy to see the queue of taxi ride, so we decided to walk, again. And I bet today is super tired day! T_T When we arrived Gapyeong station, the station is so crowded and we didn’t got seat to go back to Seoul, so we stand along the way back to Seoul. T_T tired? YES! Our plan to go to Ehwa University has just cancelled since we were so tired. So, I sleep by myself in hostel in Dongdaemun and my friends doing Jjimjilbang, Korean spa.

Tips : Do not go to Nami Island on the weekend or national holiday!

Day 5 ~ 24 Oct 2016

There is no good in goodbye

The sun was so bright, in our last day in South Korea. That means, we have to go out today! I have started an early morning to Namdaemun Market. What were I doing? Shopping! Hahahaha. Namdaemun market well known as place where you buy cheap souvenir all around Seoul ! I was going to Daedo Shopping Center, the orange building that famous with cheap souvenir in the 2nd floor! I was uncontrollable to shop. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I have bought a lot of souvenirs and 2 vacuum thermos for my colleague. Happy ! (oh, woman. πŸ˜‚).

After that, I am going to Gyeongbokgung Palace to see Royal Guards changing ceremony. They have 3 schedules, and I picked at 10 am. The ceremony was so amazing! I spent almost 2 hours in there to treasure around palace.

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Ah okay, we are in hurry. So I made myself go to Namsan Tower. It is like must visit when you are in Seoul! So I took bus to Namsan Tower, and its location is on the top of the hill. After hiked up a bit (inhale, exhale) , I arrived and bought ticket to the observation deck. I like the view when the autumn foliage real feel from above !

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I have to go back since my brother ask me to buy T-shirt. A’right, I’m going back to Namdaemun and having Kalguksu for my lunch. And then, you must buy Korean cosmetics product! I went to Ehwa University that famous with cheap and extra sample of cosmetic (even face mask or foundation or many more!). Okay, my money has gone for many times. πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

And this is my last destination , Haneul Park. What’s going on there? There are Eulalia (tall grass) field up to the hill. Eversince my feet has broken to the max (😭😭) , I was taking shuttle mini car. Anyway, the stupid thing was, uhm I put my bag to the locker at station, and I didn’t recognise how much money that I brought. Oh holy cow, I almost don’t have money (just have W2.800 while the shuttle price is W3.000!!!). Thanks God, He still saves me when I digged my pockets. I found W100 coin for 2! ! ! ! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Ah okay, so we spent the time at Haneul Park. I really felt so lonely (for many times in Seoul ! 😭😭😭) , because there are a lot of couples visit this place. Enjoying the autumn breeze, with beautiful sunset. Fine, I am forever alone . 😭😭😭😭
I and friends going to Incheon for sending back the phone that we got rent for free. So, after I am walking around Haneul Park, I am directly to Incheon.

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South Korea, for me is a romantic place. Β A lot of love birds, especially in Seoul, spending time together. Not suit for me as a singleminglepringles. πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚. Well, but I am sorry if I could compare with Japan, South Korea is still far from “manner” . That’s my humble opinion. I found a lot of people still cut the queue, then the bus driver drive us wild (in the right context. Lol), drunk ahjussi, homeless in subway station, etc. But still, South Korea is perfect place to spend time together , especially with partner!

So, this is my journey to South Korea. I am still working for my spending cost in South Korea, I will update it soon on my actual itinerary. I will see you very soon in the next trip on 2017! Gamsahamnida!!!

P.S : These get lost sessions divided into 2 parts. And each destination will be detailed in different post. Enjoy my post! xoxo.




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