iPod Nano 7th Gen for Free! 

Who doesn’t know iPod? Yeah, a mp3 player from Apple, which is too expensive for a mp3 player (well I admit it. Lol!). So, I really wanted to have iPod nano 1st generation (gen-red). Since it is very fancy for me and I used to use mp3 player for listening to the music, not to handphone. So, I have been looking for it. Well anyways, I have an iPod touch. But still I fancy with iPod Nano 1st gen.

One day, my colleague said that he has an iPod Nano 1st gen. Whoa, I was surprised and asked him to bring it, if we were deal, I will buy it. Then few days after, he brought the iPod. The body conditionsl is like 75% but it was fine. He asked me to charge first. I tried to charge it, and it works. After I feel it full battery, I plugged off the charger and it went off. Okay, maybe I need morr time to recharge the battery ever since it has been a looooooong time this iPod hasn’t charged. I asked my colleague to bring it home, he said okay.

So, when I’m home, I charge it. After it is full, I plugged off again and went off. So, it’s broken. Pheww. The next day, I said I buy it for IDR 50,000 (approx USD 4),and then I was bargaining again to give it for free. The bargaining has deal, I got it for free! Hahahaha. Nah, I just still find power bank to keep it work. My another colleague who saw our deal asked whether that one is iPod Nano which generation, I have no idea, but it is 1st gen. Then he said that it is a failed product on its battery, so Apple has Replacement Programme for replacing your iPod Nano 1st gen to the latest iPod Nano gen. I asked him to do that so, so that iPod I give to him and he will go to Apple authorized store to exchange.
***time flies***
It has been 3 months and my colleague said the iPod has been arrived. So excited! But he said it’s not completely with earphone and charger, but I don’t mind. So, here it is my new iPod. And thank you to my colleagues! 😄😄😄

The new iPod has been arrived!

Been transferred several songs. 😎

That is all for my sharing, if you have your iPod nano, you could be luck to replace with the latest gen iPod nano!



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