Business Trip to … BALI!


I am coming back to bring you fresh post. It must be delicious. Heheh.

Well anyway, this month is my turn to do stock count the goods in our station in Denpasar, Bali. It usually hold every 25 – 26 every month. And my fortunate bring me to Bali, so here we go! I have checked the calendar that 25th and 26th May fell into Wednesday and Thursday, so with I brave (and shy of course!) I asked my boss to get permission for extension. Meheheh. and APPROVED! Woohooooo! Okay, there is my plan. On 25th and 26th I’ll work till drop. Then I have extension for 27th and 28th. And thank to my HR that make my flight ticket open, so I could reschedule my flight. Fuck yeah!

So the day has come. I got delayed for an hour and half. Pfffttt, shame on you airline! Okay, so after I arrived in Denpasar, I rescheduled my ticket to 28th evening. But, unfortunately, there are no availability seats throughout Saturday’s flights. Darn! I asked the customer service and she said the only seat available is on Sunday evening. a big dilemma! I just brought pairs of clothes, lol! With the big heart, I decided to go back to Jakarta on Sunday. HAHAHAHAHAAH. Such a big fish!

I don’t want to talk about my work things in here….. so skip for the 2 days earlier! LOL!

After I have done my job, I don’t have any idea where do I go. Well, actually I want to go back to Menjangan Island. This is a must have trip to go when in Bali. So, I have a chance to go back again. Hehe. Ever since I have extend for 3 days, I have make arrangement as details : Day 1 ~ Nusa Penida Island ; Day 2 ~ Menjangan Island ; Day 3 ~ Sukowati and shopping for souvenirs. And the drama has just begun….


Day 1 ~ Nusa Penida Island

The night before, I have been searching for three islands around Bali. They are Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. My mind just wander to Nusa Lembongan. Easier to catch, and easier to walking around. And FYI, I can’t ride a motorcycle, that was my big loss. In Bali, there is a small amount of mass transportation. So, the best way for solo traveller like me is renting a motorcycle. Nah, my good luck is there is Gojek (an online motorcycle rider (ojek-red)), so I can easy reach my destination. Okay, next I am still confusing which island should I visit. And finally I choose Nusa Penida because there are a lot of beautiful destination in there. After that, once again, I don’t know how to explore this island. I was hopeless before. But my mind lead me to Facebook, an Indonesian group called Beautiful Indonesia, and I posted invitation for travel together. Some comments are helping me, they gave me a contact number a guide plus rental motorcycle! Yippe! I will give details below.

Friday morning, I have been ready for going out. I have a good feeling with it. at 6:30 am I have ready, but after I look out my window, tada! The rain was pouring down to Earth. Damn, first drama. Well anyway, at that time, I haven’t got information the guide number in Nusa Penida. Okay lah, if it hasn’t meant to go to Nusa Penida that’s okay. Raining and don’t have any idea about the guide in Nusa Penida for solo traveller like me who can’t ride motorcycle, done, bye! And I fell asleep…….. for an hour! I saw Facebook notification! Someone has just gave me guide number in Nusa Penida. I contacted him and he led me to go to Sanur to take a boat at 10 am. So here we go!


Dark Cloudy Day at Sanur Beach.

About 30 mins from where I stay to go to Sanur, I was using Gojek (hail Gojek, thank you!). Then just go to the left, there are a few stalls who sell the speed boat ticket to every destination, I mean Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan. I was taking Maruti Express, as my local guide instruct me, because they will be tied up in Toya Pakeh harbour, Nusa Penida. He was there, so yeah, I have to adjust my arrival place. It takes about 40 minutes to take speed boat, well it depends the wave condition. The fastest is 30 minutes. And I arrived safely! Welcome to Nusa Penida! And my guide has picked me up to go to some destination. His name is Ahmad, and I think I got a best rate from him. If you want to ask his contact, you can contact me anyway. 🙂


Toya Pakeh Harbour

So my first destination in Nusa Penida is Klingking Beach. Literally I don’t know what is Klingking Beach since I didn’t find this place when I was browsing top place to visit in Nusa Penida. Okay, it takes time about 45 mins to go there. Actually it’s not quite far from harbour, but the road conditions that make the time duration longer. It’s very bad, rocks without aspalt. Well, it’s good for 10 minutes earlier, but bad for the rest. Just be careful guys if you ride motorcycle by your own, especially who can’t ride or not an expert.
So, the Klingking Beach needs to road down 3 minutes to see the beach. What?! Yes, this actually an edge of coast in mountain side. To go to the beach, it takes a very steep track. Need advice from local guide, by the way. But, the view from above are too good to be true! After taking some pictures, we moved to Pasih Uug (read : Pasih Uwug).

It takes about 45 minutes ride to Pasih Uwug with bad condition road. So, Pasih Uwug is like the gate coral coast. The view is so picturesque, so Instagram-able like people said. Lol! So herewith those picture.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Near Pasih Uwug, there is another object must visit called Angel’s Billabong. It is a natural swimming pool. But don’t be dare if the wave is big, they will hurt you. Why? Because this is coral reefs that formed into like a pool. If the wave so big, it could drag you to the sea and you can’t control the wave so those reefs may harm you. Why is call Angel’s Billabong? Many girls like to just swim in here, tho the pool’s shape is like Billabong’s icon (one of sportswear brand). I saw the wave is so big! So you must be watch out!

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Ever since I only have one day trip, I must go back to the harbour for boarding back to Sanur at 3 pm. So at 1:30 pm I am going back. It was bad to have one day trip, you suppose to be 2-3 days trip to explore Nusa Penida! No we are off to Kuta, to prepare myself for tomorrow’s trip, to Menjangan. 😉

Day 2 ~ Menjangan Island

The day before I’m going to Menjangan, I’ve booked a driver to go there. Another drama has just started… He suddenly cancelled my book without any hesitation because I haven’t give further confirmation. Okay, now I am panic. Hahahaha. But thanks God, I got confirmed driver for tomorrow. So I could confirm to the boat man in Menjangan for tomorrow. Hell yeah!!

A brief about Menjangan Island, it is located in West Bali, specific in West Bali National Park. It takes 4 hours from Denpasar, Bali. So, I have appointment at 8 am, it does mean I should wake up early. Hahah, so here we go! My driver, Pak Budi has been picking me up at 4 am. I got surprised when he brought his kid. I don’t mind, that means I have additional friend. His name is Komang, and he’s cute. But unfortunately I didn’t take picture with him. 😂✌

Well okay, it seriously 4 hours driving from Kuta, where I stay. And I have appointment with Mas Dhika. He’s my guide in Menjangan. This is my second time actually being here, but my first time wasn’t guided with him. So now I will be guided by him. Since I’m doing solo travel, I will be group with 2 foreigners from Belgium. So, we’re three ready to swim and snorkel!

It says that Menjangan Island is one of the most best diving and snorkeling site ( source : ). Well I proved it! As first our destination is called Pos Dua (Second Post). This site is the best. You can see a lot of fishes swimming among us, corals, ah, I feel like I’m a mermaid! After an hour swimming around, we move to our second destination. It’s lot of corals but less in fish numbers. Actually, Mas Dhika said that there are an epidemic that causing those corals turn white. It’s called Coral Bleaching. Yeah, some corals turn into white. I thought that was beautiful, but it is not. So guys, “Please be mind your own nature. Stop trashing your waste to the sea! It could kill even who lives in underwater!”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We have done the trip until 12:30 pm. It was seriously fun! I would go back for third time!

Day 3 ~ It’s Time To Go Home!

My colleague, Pak Yudha accompany me for shopping. Yep, the last day will be hard. My money would fly away. NOOOOOOO!!! 😂😂😂 We went to Sukowati market, well known as a market to buy souvenir. Don’t need to be in detail, the conclusion is my money has flown. Fine, bye ! 😂😂

So yeah, Bali is famous, all over the world. But I don’t like crowded in Bali, so I went to the anti mainstream place. I wish I could go again, I’m going to explore Nusa Penida for more!

P. S : My colleague offer me to go to Bali again, but I refused since it’s fasting month and the date is on Saturday and Sunday. Lol!

Note :
Guys, if you need a contact person in Nusa Penida, A rent car, and guide in Menjangan Island you can ask me. I will reply to you all!





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