Cooking is (One of) My Passion

Happy weekend!

Hey guys, what are you up to in this weekend?

Well as a single like me (sob :'(😂) and a worker who rent out a room to stay around office like me (again??!), it is time to go back home. Yeah, as an Indonesian, we are still living with family until we get married or decide to live alone. Cheeky, huh? 😂😂

Well anyway, I usually spend my weekend with my friends. Or stay at home, watching dvd or cooking. What?! Yes, cooking! I find that cooking is so fun! But believe me, If I’m not in a good mood, my cook is terribly bad. Lol!

So, I went to groceries to buy for something I will cook. Still have no idea, I just bought the frozen vegetables, dori fish, fries, cheese, and mayonnaise.

Aha, I also have chicken sausage which used to cook for in-flight meal in Garuda Indonesia airline. Well I bought it from my colleague since we work for Garuda Indonesia.

Nah, I have an idea to make vegetable chicken sausage with sour sweet sauce.


Vegetable Chicken Sausage with Sour Sweet Sauce

Also the onion ring! I have found some onions in my refrigerator so I made it. I made my own sauce, well mayonnaise with lime.


Onion Ring with Sour Cream Sauce

I would like to post some recipes that I have made. I hope you like it.

Have a nice weekend! xx



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