Get Lost in Japan : Day 7 – Day Sayonara~ (itinerary attached)


Sayonara, sayonara, sampai berjumpa pulang~

Well not yet! Not farewell time yet! As my previous post (part I and part II) mentioned that we will play snow, so the time has come! Let’s play!


DAY 7 ~ 08 APRIL 2016

The weather of Tokyo that morning was very cold. Oh, I woke up too early. Bloody heck no. Hahaha. Am I too excited? What’s the matter? Of course I’m excited since we will visit ski resort to play snow. Woooohhoooo! What makes me happy? Hell to the O, I am an equator kid! I don’t have 4 seasons in the country where I live. So, please understand me. 😂😂😂
Yep, we are going to Gala Yuzawa, a ski resort which can be reach by shinkansen (indeed covered by JR PASS). We were taking Joetsu shinkansen, Max Tanigawa at 6:37 bound directly to Gala Yuzawa. Aaaaakkksss, so happy (like a kid). 😜 Around 77 mins we arrived at Gala Yuzawa. After paying for sled rental (if you use JR PASS/JR EAST PAST/JR WIDE PASS you will get discount)–well I’m sorry I can’t do ski. SORRY! 😭😭–we are going to rental counter. Fill some application for boots size, hand glove and sled. And we are ready to play!


The view from Joetsu line shinkansen.


Welcome to Gala Yuzawa!

First we don’t know where was the playground for sled. After we got warned from one of officer. 😂😂😂 finally we know how to play sled. #s%@_#%£ we spent only half day. Well, we didn’t take it long, because…. I was wearing jeans. And the hell it was wet. I told you I haven’t play snow so please. Please understand! Hahahaaha. 😂😂

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After we think that’s enough, we are coming back to apartment. To change our clothes. Pffffft. We were taking nap also so these days in Tokyo is time to relax (but I’m regretting so bad). After that, we are going to Shibuya. You guys know, the busiest crossing in Japan. Hundreds people are crossing when the walking lamp turn green. We were just have the moment and take some pictures.

Tired with just turn around cross over, we move to Tokyo Tower. We choose Tokyo Tower because it’s cheaper than Tokyo Skytree. And the second, it reachable by JR station (the nearest is Hamamatsucho station). We bought the observation deck ticket cost Y900 and we enjoy the Tokyo city lights. So beautiful and peaceful.

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We were just thinking that this is our last night in Japan. Well, we don’t want to go back home. This country leave us memory. Of course lovely country and expensive country. 😂😂😂

So pack our bag, we will be leaving tomorrow….. 👋😭


DAY 8 ~ 09 APRIL 2016

I’m leaving on a jet plane, I don’t know when I’ll be back again…

I really don’t know where do we go. And I was checking my Facebook page that today, there is a festival called Oiran Dochu will be held in Asakusa. Alright ! We are planning to go to Shinjuku first to buy halal food (for souvenir) in Laox, then going to Asakusa to see the festival and buy sone souvenirs. We are checking out at 10:00, and it was very late. We are heading to Shinjuku, and been searching for Laox almost 30 mins. Damn, we were wasting our time. After check out our cart, we were in hurry to Asakusa. After arrived in Asakusa, I was pretty fast to walk, so my bro has left. Been panicked and mad, I just continue with my sister-in-law to see the festival. Oh no, there were so crowded! I wish we haven’t lost this moment! And the parade just coming. They are so beautiful. I’m excited!

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13:45, we left the festival. I think that’s enough. We were back to Nakamise street, where there are a lot of souvenir shops stand there. I met my bro and make appointment until 15:00 tp shopping. After that, we have our late lunch in Sekai Cafe, a halal restaurant. Taste ? Not bad. (very simple comment. Hahahahahah. 😂)


Todaiji Temple


Teriyaki Bowl Set at Sekai Cafe

My brother asked to come back to Akihabara to buy some toys. Okay, we are heading back to Akihabara. He has just went to the shop, meanwhile we were waiting outside Akihabara station. About 18:00 we are leaving Akihabara to go to Hamamatsucho, where we kept our backpacks in locker. Hamamatsucho station also where the monorail to Haneda Airport transfer. That’s why we kept our backpack in there. After repack in Hamamatsucho station (ehem, we’ve been watched by security in station. HAHAHAHAH. 😂😂) we bound in monorail for Haneda airport. Sayonara, Japan. You will be missed. Our flight was scheduled on 23:30, we were so tired and yaaawn, sleep time when boarding time……



Alright, this is my travel story for getting lost in Japan for 7 days (8 nights 7 days, literally). Herewith I am going to share my travel itinerary with damage cost only transportation and admission fee. You can download my itinerary here :Itinerary Japan – Spring.

Why didn’t I calculate foods and beverages during my trip in Japan?

Simply answer, it depends on you guys. Whether choose the cheapest or the expensive one. Herewith I calculate what I ate during my trip in Japan :

Menme Restaurant Menme Udon  ¥     700 ¥110 – ¥1000
Food stall Takoyaki  ¥     500
Lawson Onigiri  ¥     110 ¥100 – ¥130
Naritaya Ramen Noodle Set  ¥  1,000 ¥200 – ¥1700
Ayam Ya Noko Tori Ramen Shio  ¥     750 ¥150 – ¥850
Shinjukugyoen Ramen Ouka Halal Ramen Combo Large  ¥  1,200 ¥1000 – ¥1500
Sekai Cafe Teriyaki Bowl Set  ¥  1,200 ¥550 – ¥2000
Grand Total  ¥  5,350

Notes : I didn’t put Onigiri in the grand total since we have bought so many onigiri. Hahaha. I just put the estimation price. So maybe you could do it by yourself. Also I put each restaurant menu on hyperlink.



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