Get Lost in Japan : Day 4 – Day 6



Hey, I’m coming back to continue my journey get lost in Japan. The last article can be read here :

DAY 4 ~ 05 APRIL 2016

Do you know how did our feet feel? Oh, I can’t explain with words. 😂😂

Good morning! Our plan today is going to Yoshino, Nara. Believe me, there are several foreign tourist (especially Indonesia) know about this place. I am (sometime) an anti-mainstream. When they are visited theme park in Japan, I visited nature. Well okay back to Yoshino. So Yoshino is a mount, which divided into 4 level, each level has planted more than 10,000 sakura trees. Can you imagine if you’re there? Yes, the mount would be pink and green. It’s pretty I believe! So after we took breakfast, I prepare for our lunch, rendang which I brought from Indonesia. Hahaha. Afraid we couldn’t find halal restaurant, so yeah we must prepare it. We started from Kyoto station at 8:00. Actually you can use Kintetsu Express from Kyoto station. It is only transit 2 times. But, that train doesn’t covered by JR PASS. So, our way is we took train from Kyoto to Yoshinoguchi (covered by JR PASS) and then take Kintetsu Line to Yoshino station. The fare only ¥380 until Yoshino station. Keep the budget! Lol😂

After 3 hours trip, we arrived at Yoshino station. There are 2 options, you can take cable car to Shimo Senbon or you can take bus to Naka Senbon. Anyway, the bus only available on cherry blossom season outside Yoshino station. For regular season, you have to take cable car first then can take bus to Naka Senbon. So, they have 4 level, Shimo Senbon (lower), Naka Senbon (middle), Kami Senbon (upper), Oku Senbon (inner). We obviously took a bus. Waaaaay much cheaper tho the longer track! Hahahaahaa. 😂 we paid around  ¥360 and about 15 minutes we can view pine trees and sakura trees on your left and right side. Prettiest mount. 😉


Bus outside Yoshino station.

After we bound to Naka senbon, we hiked up to Hanayagura view point. It takes 90 mins or more (for Indonesian who lazy to work out like us. 😂😂😂) to reach there. Actually it depends the physical ourselves. It could be less than 90 mins, could be more. But believe me, there are pretty spot to take a picture. So, long time for hiking is no worry. (excuse me, eh? 😂)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Alhamdulillah, we reached the Hanayagura View Point. And seriously it was so beautiful sight. We spent for an hour and more, then heading back to Naka senbon station. We are going to Nara, to play with deer. And that wasn’t a smooth way to go to Nara. Since it was very late, and we are lost when in transit. Maybe I wasn’t focus, need more water (akwa akwa akwa. 😂). So when we arrived in Nara, it was about the sun will set and those deers are coming back to their cage. Huaaaaa sad. 😥 But God’s plan always good, we enjoyed perfect sunset time in the heart city of Nara. The sky turn to orange, seriously Subhanallah that was pretty! Since we were very tired, we went back to JR Nara station by bus. And once again, our plan to Dotonburi has cancelled, we are too tired. So goodbye Dotonburi. *sob* 😥

After arrived in Kyoto, we would like to try one of halal ramen near Kyoto station. Since my brother and his wife so tired, I went with one of my friend. It takes about 30 mins to find this restaurant. Well, the hell those guys who gave us direction on internet was wrong! 😈 so we searched carefully, with an overpass as benchmark, we found it! Alhamdulillah! And believe me, this is the best ramen I ever taste in Japan!


Spicy Ramen by Ayam Ya. It is the best halal ramen eveeerrr!

After spoiling our tummy, we went back to hostel happily and ready to leave Kyoto for tomorrow. It was a perfect night. Mmmmm~ 🙂


DAY 5 ~ 06 APRIL 2016

Where do we go, nobody knows~

We are set to leave Kyoto. Sadly but yeah, it’s reality *pat pat*. Okay ! After we had breakfast and sayonara to Japanese who stays in there, Chizuko, a middle-age woman very nice and kind, we are heading to…… (drum roll cesssss) Kawaguchiko! Woooooohooo! A brief introduction that Kawaguchikois one of best location to see Mt. Fuji.


Me and Chizuko, in Piece Hostel Kyoto. Sayonara! 🙂

We are taking shinkansen Hikari and luckily we had D and E seat!!!!!! Why, like I mentioned in last post that if you ar lucky enough, you can view Fujiyama in your window seat! 🗻 Okay we set up at 8:33 so here we go! So long, Kyoto! 🚄

After 90 minutes on board…….
Look out to your window!


The view of Mount Fujiyama from shinkansen.

Subhanallah, I can’t handle, my hands was shaking to capture this perfect view! Ohayo, Fuji-san ! 🗻

We transit in Shin-Yokohama to go to Otsuki then Kawaguchiko station. Hail to JR PASS that they were covering cost until Otsuki. When we arrived at Otsuki, we took local train to Kawaguchiko, costing for us about ¥1140. If you take rapid, you have to add ¥400. We took the local one, tight budget, hey! 😂


This is the Rapid Line to Kawaguchiko station. So cute!

It takes 40 mins to arrive in Kawaguchiko station. A very small station, but too crowded. We bought Kawaguchiko pass, the cost is ¥1200 for 2 days. We have seen the weather-forecast that tomorrow is raining, but we are gambling. *finger crossing*.

We took the retro bus red line to go to our hostel. K’s House Mt. Fuji has been chosen for our stay. After we put our backpack, we continue our journey. We are going to point no 14 in the Kawaguchiko sightseeing bus. Since it was a good view to see Mt. Fuji. But unfortunately when we were asking the information center in Kawaguchiko station, the cherry blossom trees haven’t bloomed yet. OHHH SO SAD! 😥 That’s okay, we are still going. After we are waiting the bus, but when it comes it said it full. Okay we are going to walking. We have asked the local people with her son, Soutta, very cute Japanese kid, whether we can access the bridge by walking or not, she said that’s okay and plus the view of Fuji in there is so beautiful. We proved it, true! Very beautiful sight! And we are going to point 14. And yes, the trees haven’t blooming yet. But still, it’s beautiful. the Mt. Fuji.


Sightseeing Map Retro Bus Kawaguchiko. Download here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The sun was set, time we move back to hostel. We found a halal restaurant near our hostel, Alladin, an Indian cuisine. We are spoiling our tummy in there and get back to have a rest for tomorrow. Good night, Mount Fuji-san. 🙂


DAY 6 ~ 07 APRIL 2016

I know the day has come, I have just begun~

I don’t want to go hooooome. Yes, our trip seems move so fast. I am still want to stay for longer. But my money has flown away. Hahaha. Okay stop day dreaming! When I woke up, I heard that it was raining outside. Ow to the Kay, okay, our plan has cancelled so we stay for more in hostel until check out. Actually our plan is going to Saiko Iyashi no Sato Nemba. WHAT IS THAAAAT? Haha, that place is like Japanese old village and we can rent Yukata or samurai armour very cheap. But, the rain was falling, so we have relaxing at hostel until we check out. Anyway we met another nice Japanese, her name is Kumi. She speaks English fluently, anyhow she was study abroad in Australia. Okay, no wonder.


With Kumi, Japanese who stays with us in K’s House Mt. Fuji.

Yes, we are going back to Tokyo today. We took the train from Kawaguchiko station at 11:24 and arrived in Kanda station 13:30. We stayed in Kanda via The place very near from Kanda JR station, only 5 minutes walk. Because we came earlier, so we just dropped our backpack then we are going to Akihabara. Browsing for toys, electronic, etc, you are in the right track! Akihabara well known for shopping the toys (anime, manga, die cast, etc) and electronic. Well, heavenly for guys. After spending time in there, we are going back to the apartment. Have a rest………. and we are going to Shinjuku for having dinner in halal ramen restaurant. Well, we have been queueing for almost 2 hours. Okay, I wish it is worth to try. My comment, the ramen soup is too salty for me, but I like the roasted chicken. I was wrong to have large ramen, my tummy was very full, almost exploding. HAHAHA.



Large portion of ramen! Oops sorry, the chicken has been bitten. 😛

So that’s is for today, tomorrow we will play snow!

P.S : These get lost sessions divided into 3 part. And each destination will be detailed in different post. Enjoy my post! xoxo.



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