Love at the First Skype

StrangerHi I’m a man (24) from Belgium and you?
Youam 23 F from Indonesia.
StrangerWhat’s you nameN
Stranger: ?
StrangerNice to meet you I’m Nico.


It has been 3 years since our first conversation done. It is quite long and complicated story between me and him.  No love story, more drama. Heheheh, not quitely sure.

My name is Pandan. Living in Jakarta, Indonesia, were born and raised in the muslim family is so particularly in here.

And he is Nicolas. A Caucasian guy living in Namur, Belgium, French speaker and raised in the catholic family.

Yes, love at first Skype. I have made video call with him and I found him good looking. But still, I couldn’t ask for more, he is my friend.

Until one day he told me that he loves me. Alright, we have been trap in long distance relationship. Ups and downs, tears and laughter, smiles and frown have been written to our story, until now.

I know it has been 3 years, we can’t be together. Too much boundaries that we have. What’s the matter with religion? Can we speak in our generally languange? We’re thousand miles away apart. So what? Whatever.

He has a girlfriend now, well I am fine. But I know we still stay the same, love each other. 🙂

I know you, but we have never met.


One thought on “Love at the First Skype

  1. Bals, gw terharu gitu bacanya. Aw!!!! Smoga kisahnya makin seru… aku penggemar kisah ini (selain penggemar bulu dada a nico) hahaha


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