How to Make a Travel Itinerary

As a well-planned traveller (I called myself like that for sure 😁), I must make an itinerary to ensure all places in destination be visited. Well at least we must know how far those places from airport or where you are staying, and hop in to another destination, the transportation including its cost.

For me, making itinerary seriously fun but can be bored–well depends on my mood, hahaha. It’s like we are researching. Oh yeah, I’m a researcher! (for travel literally 😄) Here how to make an itinerary verse me which can be fun!

1. Know your destination area first

Sometime you really want to go to A, but it takes 12 hours road trip. 😅 or your friend want to go to B (if you go with friend(s)) whereas another 12 hours to North and you guys just have couple days to visit (as like me don’t have so many leaves). So have know about place that you want to visit with the most popular sightseeing. If you go with your friends, have brief discussion first. Everybody has own purpose, believe me. And please configure with your own place destination with your friend’s. Open map (we have digitalized maps nowadays, thanks to technology! 😅), then fixed it.

2. Fixed the Budget

It’s not about the money, money, money – like Jessie J said. But money does matter. LOL! As a budget traveller, I press my budget as minimum as it can be. How come?

A. Stay in hostel, or if you prefer to Couchsurfing, why not?! Pick the hostel which serve breakfast for free and have kitchen as its facility. Of course, you can cook instant noodles that you’ve bought in minimart or brought from your country origin (soooo Indonesia! Hahaha).

B. Visit the place where is free admission. I know, but at least you’d try. 😜

C. Don’t get food from restaurant. Local stalls are way much cheaper to get food than restaurant because they don’t charge taxes. The con’s is, you don’t have any idea what food do you buy unless you know it from internet (once again thanks to technology!) But you must try the local food, right?

D. Calculate the transportation cost and admission fee. Sometimes people underestimate about it, but hey, what if you are going to place where the transportation cost is much expensive rather than your food? Get information whether your destination place have a transportation pass program or not. Because you can save more money if you are moving nomad.

E. Go with the group. Well, sharing cost are great ways to minimize your spend. Just don’t forget to share with all!

These two things that making itinerary is fun are enough from me. Well, I do love browse for my itinerary through Pinterest. Any alternative, you can blog walking. Frankly, too many ways to start to make an itinerary, but it starts from yourself too. Happy writing! 😉


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