Itinerary in Japan for 8 days in Cherry Blossoms Season!

What is more exciting rather than writing? Writing an itinerary, literally. LOL.

At any chance I have been arranging my travel itinerary for my Spring Break (I just use the phrase, Indonesia don’t have it,  haha) to……  Ah here is the detail :

One day in 2015, I saw promotion from Air Asia, as always they offer cheap fare as they are the best low cost carrier, Thanks God they exist. And I was no over thought, I booked a flight to….. (still in secret) hahahaha. I’ll go there with my brother and his ex girlfriend (now his wife). We have chosen the date when we will find cherry blossom around this country. Nah, now you have an idea right whereabout we are going to go? Yes, Japan!

My sister-in-law really want to go to Japan, so my brother bought for her too. Since the date is in next year so we are preparing our self so slow (of course we have a year ahead. LOL).

Time flies…….

Hi, it’s been 2016. Hahahaha, we have to be more prepared. At first, I have arranged my itinerary like this :

Day 1 : Stay in Haneda (since we will land in Japan at night, so we stay around Haneda airport).

Day 2 : Going to Himeji and Osaka then inbound in Kyoto to stay at. Why we choose Kyoto? Since Kyoto has more sightseeing place and more convenient, so we prefer stay in Kyoto.


Himeji Castle in Cherry Blossoms (source :

Day 3 : Sightseeing around Kyoto for one day trip.

Day 4 : Cherry blossoms sightseeing in Yoshino and have a play with deer in Nara.


Yoshino Cherry Blossom. (source : Japan Guide)

Day 5 : Going to Kawaguchiko to see Fuji-san more closer. The most beautiful mount!

Day 6 : Get capture of Fuji-san in Pagoda Chureito and back to Tokyo. Imperial Palace, Akihabara and Tokyo Tower will be next destination.


Pagoda Chureito as its best! (source : Japan Guide)

Day 7 : Going to Gala Yuzawa. What’s that? Well as an Equator Kid, I haven’t seen snow in my entire life. Hahahaha, I know Indonesia has it in Cartenz Mountain in Papua, but you know I don’t like hiking. LOL. Yes, Gala Yuzawa is a ski resort located in Niigata, about 80 mins from Tokyo. Another good stuff is we can reach Gala Yuzawa using shinkansen (the fast train)  and covered by JR PASS. And then we will move back to Asakusa and will catch sunset at Odaiba.

Day 8 : our will be last day in Japan and we will spend our time in Shibuya, Ueno and maybe Odaiba before we catch our flight in midnight.

My itinerary and budget file can be downloaded in here (before trip as my plan) and here (after trip as my actual). Please be noted that that budget is excluding food, beverage and other own expense. aaaand I can’t wait for visa application (I don’t need to explain more since lot of bloggers have written tips and tricks for it) and fly to Japan!




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